Our Vision

Premium railroad excursions and multi-use trails on the entire Placerville Branch

We’re passionate about the role that railroads played in the development of our state and our nation, and we think the best way to experience railroad history is by riding historic trains.

Increasing accessibility

Rails with trails allow excursion train passengers and trail users to safely enjoy equal access.

Rails allow anyone to experience the area’s beauty and history aboard trains, and a trail next to the rails allows pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians to enjoy the corridor too. With both in place, trains can also transport trail users to and from remote trail locations, making even more of the corridor available to more people.

Promoting tourism and economic development

We partner with local Sierra foothill winery, Nello Olivo Wines, and nearby restaurants on our wine tasting trains.

The Placerville Branch corridor is a regional treasure that has enormous potential to grow our local economy by attracting visitors to our area. The railroad serves as a gateway to California’s Gold Country and also creates unique opportunities for local business partnerships like wine tasting trains.

Helping local communities

Passengers proudly support our Latrobe Breakfast Specials that benefit the community of Latrobe.

Bringing visitors to our lineside communities helps support fundraising efforts.

Preserving California’s rich railroad history

Our dedicated volunteers are committed to preserving and restoring the historic Placerville Branch.

We’ve spent years bringing the Placerville Branch back to life after Southern Pacific ended operations in 1986, and by running trains, we can fund our operations, restore vintage trains, and continue making improvements to the line while telling the story of railroading during the Gold Rush era.

We need your help!

Help us make our vision a reality by being an advocate, making a donation, and/or volunteering.