Help us bring trains back to El Dorado County.

There are many amazing views on the Placerville Branch, including this vista at Sugarloaf Mountain, but El Dorado County doesn’t allow us to operate our trains here.

Motorcars, but not trains?

Scenic views abound for this motorcar excursion at Deer Creek Bridge, but El Dorado County doesn’t allow us to operate trains here.

Our vision for Southern Pacific Railroad’s historic Placerville Branch includes world-class train excursions and multi-use trails on its entirety, but El Dorado County doesn’t allow us to run trains in the county. We are allowed to run occasional motorcar trips to Latrobe with special permission each time, but not trains.

The Placerville Branch’s scenic potential

Sugar Loaf mountain provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, but no rail excursions of any kind are allowed between Latrobe and Shingle Springs.

We operate trains between Folsom and the El Dorado County line and motorcars between Folsom and Latrobe. El Dorado Western Railroad (EDWR), which is operated by El Dorado County through the El Dorado County Historical Museum, operates motorcars between Shingle Springs and El Dorado. But, neither EDWR nor P&SVRR is allowed to carry passengers between Latrobe and Shingle Springs, a portion of the line with particularly spectacular vistas.

We need your help!

Our license to operate excursions on the line expires in February 2018, a few months before our 10th anniversary, so we hope to reach a new agreement with El Dorado County and SPTC-JPA by then that will allow us to begin running diesel trains in El Dorado County, but we need your help.

How you can help

Tell your supervisor

Your input matters!

Contact your El Dorado County Supervisor(s), and tell them you support P&SVRR trains running in the county. Here’s a sample email you can copy and paste:

I support the operation of full-size Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad trains on the Placerville Branch in El Dorado County. Please allow P&SVRR to continue preserving California’s rich railroad history by maintaining the line and operating full-size trains in El Dorado County.

Not sure which district you’re in? Find your district on the El Dorado County District Map.

Attend county meetings

Your presence makes a difference!

On May 10, 2016, a special meeting of the Board of Supervisors of El Dorado County was held to decide whether to continue allowing P&SVRR to run motorcars to Latrobe in 2016 as we had done successfully for the previous five years.  Thankfully, after public comment by outspoken P&SVRR supporters, the board voted unanimously to allow P&SVRR to continue operating motorcar excursions to Latrobe.

You can find upcoming meeting schedules here:

Spread the word

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