Latrobe Breakfast Specials

Take a scenic motor car ride to a pancake breakfast.

White Rock to Latrobe (Motorcar, about 4 hours)
Ride with us to the sleepy little town of Latrobe, where we stop for a hearty pancake breakfast at their Community Hall.

Passengers arriving at Latrobe Whistlestop take a short walk to the Latrobe Community Hall.
Breakfast at the Latrobe Community Hall

This event directly benefits the community of Latrobe.

Due to a major washout 3 miles west of Latrobe and construction in Folsom, this trip currently boards at White Rock and consists of riding one motorcar to the big washout and walking about 200 yards on a natural trail to another motorcar on the other side of the washout that will take you the rest of the way to Latrobe.

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