White Rock Road Grade Crossing

Here is a timeline of our progress...

2009: Shortly after incorporation, Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad (P&SVRR) identifies reactivation of the long out of service White Rock Road grade crossing as a top priority capital project, critical to the development of the railroad. Initial meetings with the County of Sacramento and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) are organized by founding P&SVRR President Larry Daniels of Daniels Railroad Engineering, Inc.

2010: P&SVRR establishes a Signal Department with volunteer Bob Morrison as Signal Engineer. A group of experienced signal maintainers is gathered to advise and assist with the project. Equipment suitable for restoration is identified.

2011: A request to reactivate the crossing is submitted to the CPUC and approved. Originally the crossing was protected only by a classic "Wig Wag" mechanism. In order to improve upon public safety, the new plan calls for installation of a full compliment of crossing gates, flashing lights, and bells. Restoration of the gate mechanisms begins in earnest with the assistance of volunteers from throughout the region.

2012: Restoration continues with the successful testing of the first gate mechanism in the Fall of 2012. In addition, volunteers begin the control cabinet restoration. Poor site drainage along White Rock Road is improved by the County of Sacramento and faded roadway markings repainted.

2013: This year has seen the completion and testing of the second gate mechanism and the control cabinets, as well as the purchase of hundreds of feet of wiring, new gate arms, a solar system and other necessary hardware. Pacific Utility Construction of Woodland, CA donates their services to bore under White Rock Rd. and install a 4 inch electrical conduit. In addition, site work directed by P&SVRR Director of Special Projects John Haverty is completed in preparation for the installation of the newly restored equipment. Concrete foundations for the gates and control cabinets are poured, with the gates scheduled to be installed Tuesday, September 10th. Just in time to be in service for the 4th Annual Folsom Railroad Festival (RailFest) September 21st & 22nd, 2013!