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Howard Terminal #8

Howard Terminal #8 is a 44-ton diesel-electric locomotive built by the Whitcomb Locomotive Company, then part of Baldwin Locomotive Works.

Built in October 1943 as U.S. Army #7504 (construction No. 60330), it saw service in Hawaii (likely at the Kapalama Basin, according to Hawaiian Railway Society) as a narrow-gauge switcher during and after WWII. It was one of two identical locomotives, the other being U.S. Army #7437 (construction No. 60301), which was built in July 1943, made available for sale as of December 1947, and presumed to have been scrapped soon after.

Later, it was converted to standard gauge, and it served on the Howard Terminal Railroad around the docks in Oakland, California until it was donated by the City of Oakland to the California State Rail Museum in Sacramento in Feb, 1987. In 2008, #8 CSRM donated it to FEDSHRA, where it underwent a four-year restoration, and it is now serves as our primary locomotive.

P&SVRR Flat Car #101

PSVRR 101 flat car at Hampton Station in Folsom

Originally built to haul freight, the car was donated to us by California State Rail Museum in Sacramento, CA and restored as a passenger-carrying car by FEDSHRA volunteers.

Cotton Belt Caboose #48

Cotton Belt caboose #48 at Hampton Station in Folsom

The caboose was restored and donated to us by Fernley Preservation Society in Fernley, NV and returned to service by FEDSHRA volunteers.