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Welcome to the P&SVRR!

We are a non-profit, community heritage railroad located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Throughout the year, we offer a range of different railroad experiences, from local festivals to special events, from short demonstration rides to excursions of two hours or more! Join us on a short trip across the prairie, or up the mountain to enjoy the dramatic views of the foothills. Either way, you will want to bring your camera.
So... Climb Aboard, and let the Adventure Begin!

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The 2017 Schedule Is Now Available!

We apologize for the delays in posting this year's schedule, but our program has faced several unexpected challenges this winter due to the severe storms, and there may be further disruptions as the City of Folsom embarks on some infrastructure development south of Highway 50 this spring. The City has been absolutely fantastic, however, including P&SVRR in several high level meetings and going above and beyond to minimize the impacts to our program. We look forward to chugging through these obstacles and bringing you some great experiences this season, and we appreciate your patience!

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Although P&SVRR has made strong gains on the political front in 2016, our struggle is far from over. As we work tirelessly to find common ground with local developers, trails advocates, elected officials, and other public servants, we continue to need your help! Get involved NOW to make sure this historic railroad reaches it's full potential as a World Class Railroad Attraction!

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Bad For Us, Bad For El Dorado County!

It's a plan that will cut the heart out of the rail line. It's also a plan that's bad for El Dorado County. Of course we don't support it! Find Out Why⇒

...Because Lights And Bells Are Cool!

White Rock Road Grade Crossing Reactivation
We signalize the only public grade crossing between Folsom and Latrobe... Get Details Here⇒

Our First Commercial Spot!

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